Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There are no worlds.

There aren’t many people in the world that I truly respect. Okay I mean there are a few (e.g. Andy Warhol, etc) but I bet I can count them all using the fingers of my two hands. (5+5=10)
Yet there is one person, who will remain nameless, who inspires me in such a way that I feel motivated just by being around him/her (I will interchange the two so as not to reveal the identity of the individual I am talking about). Even when she is standing next to me I feel this flow of energy flowing off of him onto me. Her motivation and devotion to the thing he loves is so astonishingly strong that I believe he should be the role model of the “perfect” student. It’s not that she is just creative, he is also original, something that most people are not nowadays. His artistic side is so alive that if every day was a canvas she would have lifetime worth of portfolio pieces. She is always covered in paint-slash-plaster-slash-glue... He is what I would call a true artist.
One might say “sure she is a great artist but he might have a horrible personality.” Quite the contrary. She is as great a person as he is an artist, which means that she is pretty great. She is a warm-hearted, open-minded person and most of all he understands me and the way I see things. I am nearsighted also.
I am lucky to have met her. She is and always will be one of my closest friends.

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