Monday, November 9, 2009

Song for Charity

So basically there is a song now on iTunes by a band called ChartJackers. They are a YouTube band meaning that the people in the band are "professional" YouTubers. They decided to make a song and the money will go straight to charity. The charity is called "Children in Need" and it is in England.

I know that it is a totally cheesy song and definitely not most people's style but seriously when it comes to charity I think you can afford to buy a song for 99 cents.

The band is called ChartJackers because they literally want to hijack the charts. By making this song more and more popular their aim is to reach no.1 on the British charts. The reasons they want to do this are: raise money for charity show what good things can happen if the internet community unites and works together. Imagine if we, youtubers, facebookers, myspacers, bloggers etc managed to control what the no.1 single in the charts is instead of the music industry! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

The song is called “I’ve Got Nothing”.

“I’ve Got Nothing” iTunes song download:

“I’ve Got Nothing” music video:

ChartJackers YouTube page:

The ChartJackers members are:


If you could it would be a great help if you printed out this flyer and put it up in your school, workplace etc.

Thank you so much for your help.
and remember... Every penny goes to charity.

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