Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hell-o Jell-o

Tonsillitis. Or something like that. This is what I was diagnosed with about 5 days ago. Since then I have been in the hospital. Its not very pleasant. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining or anything. It could be a lot worse. I could be stuck in a room with two strangers. And they could:
1. be loud
2. be smelly
3. snore in their sleep
4. talk in their sleep
5. call the nurse faster than a bullet leaves the gun
6. go to the bathroom all the time

My main problem with this situation is that I can’t eat. Actually I can’t swallow. Not even my own spit. *epic sad face. This is the reason why all I ever eat is jell-o. At first I loved it. I mean, who doesn’t love jell-o? But now, being my 4th day here I’m kinda not feeling it any more.

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